We understand you’re saving for all different life events: retirement, a house, simply to build wealth, or all of the above. Your investment broker should adjust to your life???not the other way around.

Carrying out thorough and accurate research of the market is an essential part of being a Financial Broker. We have been the gold standard in this field for over 10 years for ease of use, accuracy and completeness of information. We compare life insurance, mortgage, investment, pensions and health insurance markets.

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How The Dispute Process Works.

Initial Meeting

We have a 20 minute meeting with the client to assess what goal you are wanting to obtain with our service.


Once we have obtained your credit report, we perform an audit of the reports, then meet with you to consult on our findings and what our plan of action will be.

Disputing Begins

Once Credit Rewire and the client are in agreement, an agreement and all state and federal required documents are prepared, and we begin to dispute.

Review Disputed Results

As the disputing processes, the credit bureaus will return to you the results of our disputes. ?Those results will determine our next step of action. ?Disputing continues.

Rebuilding Your Crdit

Once we get to the point of your scores increasing, we begin assisting you to rebuild your credit with our many resources.

Success!!! Credit Restored

Congratulations!!! You have successfully restored your good credit standing.

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