Refund/Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:


Per Title IV (Section 405 Disclosures) of the Consumer Credit Protection Act (Public Law 90-321,82 Stat. 164) you have the right to cancel your Contract (“Agreement”) with any credit repair organization for any reason within (3) business days from the date you signed the agreement. ?Once you have passed the initial (3) business days cancellation period, you can cancel your contract at any time as long as you give it in writing by mail, email or fax, through the client portal or call our office no less than (10) calendar days before your next ACH payment.

Services are provided on a month-to- month basis and clients may cancel their service at any time at least (10) ten days in advance of any upcoming recurring payment. When cancelled according to these terms, the upcoming recurring payment will constitute the final payment due for services rendered. All services are billed in arrears, therefore, upon cancellation, services will be stopped, and you will be liable for deletions removed within the last and/or current billing period, prior to cancellation.

If you cancel with an outstanding balance, the balance must be brought current within (30) days of cancellation or your account will be sold to a third party collection agency for the outstanding balance, which will reflect negatively on client’s credit report.


Refund Policy:


In the credit repair industry, no company can predict a certain outcome when working on a client?s report. Because of this, we will do our best to assist you with removing inaccurate, incorrect and unverifiable information from your credit report. ?Payment for our services are paid in arrears, therefore no refund will be given. ?We do understand that there may be certain circumstances that warrant a refund, so each account is reviewed to make sure everyone has been compliant in determining if your case warrants a refund. ? We will also review for a refund if:

After the client has completed at least 4 months of the 6 month program

  • And?has complied with our “Client Obligations & Agreements” requirements set forth in the “Credit Repair Agreement”, and if at least 50% of the accounts on the clients reports have not been settled with favorable outcomes permissible within the regulations. ?At the time of cancellation an assessment of the client’s account will be completed to determine if a refund is due.

  • If you find that your credit has not improved solely due to our negligence, then a full refund will be granted, minus the enrollment and audit fee. ?

As a consumer please be aware that it can sometimes take several months to get favorable results with any account. ?Some take a little longer to restore. ?This is why we require and urge the client to stick with and complete the 6 month contract. ?Every round of disputing once mailed out, takes about 30 days to get a response from the bureau. ? We take our responsibility to you and your financial future very serious, therefore, a tough credit file being resolved will not be due to our lack of working for you.

Many times consumers hear about items being removed from credit reports and assume that is a normal occurrence, not understanding that some where within that account being removed, was inaccurate information that allowed it to be removed which may not apply to you. ?With that being said, we do not make promises of making anything not allowable by regulation disappear from any one’s credit file.